Notes from April 2022 RNA Meeting

Home of the Month

We are bringing back Home of the Month.  This award is our neighborhood's way of acknowledging Riverside neighbors who take pride in their homes and property.  Winners proudly display a sign in their yard for a whole month!

We need nominations Nominate yourself or a neighbor.  Make sure to include the address :)

Riverside News

  • Join us for a Garfield Park Celebration, Saturday May 14th 10-noon.  New Picnic Shelters! New Art! New Path! New Trees!

  • We are looking for volunteers for National Night Out.  Contact us here if you are interested in helping. Please include your phone number.

  • We discussed the issues and impact of the Motel Express at 23rd and Broadway.  One of our meetings in the future will focus on this issue and we will have representatives from the city. A question was also raised about how we get a Drug Free zone sign for that area. 

  • Discussed wanting to have clean ups in the neighborhood and the importance of having people walking around to decrease crime.


City of Everett

  • Annual Daddy Daughter Dance returns on Saturday, May 7th 6-8 pm at Carl Gipson Center

  • Celebrate the arts at The Wendts May 12th.  at the Everett Performing Arts Center.  

City Council

  • Traffic cameras have been approved

  • It is time to start making decisions about where Link light rail stations will be in Everett. 

Art in the Park

Wonder what that circle of dirt is at Garfield Park?

This is the place for Riverside's Story Pole.  

We need people to donate items.  Learn more here.


Notes from March 2022 RNA Meeting

Riverside News

  • Join us for a Party in the Park, Saturday May 14th 10-noon

  • We are looking for volunteers to assist with activities for the rest of the year

Presentation by Permit Services and Land Use

We had a great presentation and residents asked many questions.  Below is a brief summary:

  • When you are doing any type of re-model or adding a fence, etc. first check with Land Use to see if you are able to do so

  • Then Check with Permit Services to see if you need a permit for it.  

  • Many things require a permit that you would not expect.

  • Residents can make an appointment for a free consultation to learn what they need to do and how to go about getting the permits needed.

  • The approach is all about making sure things are safe and assisting owners.

Contact info for permit services:

Phone- 425-257-8810


City of Everett

Community is invited to Mayor’s annual State of Everett address on March 31

Everett 2044 - Planning our future together

  • We’re getting ready to update our comprehensive plan and we invite community members to join us in this important work.

  • The final virtual scoping meeting is on Thursday, March 10 at 6 p.m. and the scoping comment period is open until March 25

  • Visit for more information, community meeting details and updates.

City Council

  • This week have third reading on new bicycle lanes and signage in Everett including in Riverside

Art in the Park

Wonder what that circle of dirt is at Garfield Park?

This is the place for Riverside's Story Pole.  

We need people to donate items.  Learn more here.


Holiday Lighting pictures


Halloween pictures


Holiday Lighting Contest Winners

See section below pictures for full listing.  Hover over image to see address.


2021 Holiday Lighting Contest

Check these out and there are many more great lighted decorations in our neighborhood!

Best Theme- Peace on Earth

1921 Baker Avenue-
All white lights with shooting star

Best Wreath

2021 Baker Avenue- Creative use of cups

Best Inflatable

3609 25th Street- Great Blow ups. Display gets better every year

Best Tree

2310 Rainer Avenue-Tree going down the chimney put them over the top

Best Daytime

341123rd Street-Looks great day and night!

Best Business

3217 Hewitt Avenue- Ford Crane
Nothing better than a lit tree hanging high in the air from a crane

Best Blocks

  1. 2500 block-2600 East Grand Avenue- A great light show once again!

  2. 2200 block of Chestnut-Every house lit up.

Best Decorated

  1. 2529 East Grand Avenue-The Elf was made by Brian

  2. 2303 Everett Avenue-Neat and well laid out. Candles in upstairs window are wonderful

  3. 3020 Leonard Drive-Jeanette and Scott Bader- Great Star and trees